I'm finding it harder and harder to find springs. I just bought a couple of
small assortments for $40 ea!!! I remember filling beer cases for $1.00 at
machine surplus places that are now long gone...probably for loosing money
on springs. They are like gold now! Iwant everything from 2" OD to 1/8" OD
expansion and compression, 1/2" to 1' long. Any thoughts?
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Tom Gardner
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Tim Williams
On Fri, 17 Sep 2004 18:09:13 GMT, "Tom Gardner" calmly ranted:
HF's $6 kit will probably get you started. Search
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for "assortment" and "assorted". They have all kinds of goodies, and most are bargains. I have just about all of them, picking them up while they're on sale. Springs = #37284
P.S: The sheet metal screw assortment is crap metal. Feh!
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Larry Jaques
"Tom Gardner" wrote in news:dLF2d.3317$ snipped-for-privacy@newssvr15.news.prodigy.com:
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