Squaring Cross Slide on Craftsman 12x30 lathe

I own an older 12x30 Craftsman lathe model 101.07403. I am having a
difficult time figuring out a quick an easy way to accurately adjust the
cross slide so it is perpendicular to the chuck. Up untill now I have just
been using the original scales engraved onto the cross slide. But no matter
how careful I am to line up the 90deg. mark with the mark on the carraige,
it always needs re-adjusting.
So what happens is when I set the cross slide to turn down a small portion
of rod, it always ends up with a slight taper. The last thing I cut had a
.002 difference over .5". So what I end up having to do is keep on testing
it after each pass, and slightly adjusting the cross slide unitl I have
removed all the taper. But this takes a few tries, and when I move it to a
different angle, I have to go through the hassel of getting it lined up
So is there a quick an accurate way to adjust the cross slide without having
to continuously take cuts and re-adjusting until it is just right. And what
I am seeing is not deflection. I am coming out less that 1" from the chuck
and turning 3/4" diameter CRS taking only .005 of a cut.
Also, when I lock down the cross slide and use the whole carraige to turn
down a peice, it comes out just fine.
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If you are not turning a taper, then don't use the cross slide to turn a diameter, or cut a face for that matter. Simply use the carriage or cross feed and the cut will be as square as the lathe itself.
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To square the compound perpendicular to the cutting axis of the lathe mount your indicator to the compound and indicate across the face of the chuck. Adjust the compound till you get 0.00" reading indicating across the face of the chuck. However you should be using the cross slide for facing cuts as it is by design made to cut perpendicular to the axis of the spindle. In reality the cross slide may be worn or their are other extenuating circumstances that may dictate using the compound for facing.
After reading your post again I realize that you are using the compound to replace the carriage and turning the diameter. Then you mount a straight bar in the chuck and indicate off of the side of it. All else in the above still stands. The carriage travel and lathe bed are by design parallel to the axis of the spindle and should be used for turning the diameter. lg no neat sig line
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