Talk to your digital scales Or: The YADRO-files part 3

If you have read part 1 and 2 of the YADRO-files (containing the
protocoll of "those cheap chinese scales"), you might have been
wondering, or even hoping, about my intention.
If you have read part 3, the aim will be much clearer.
Part 3 describes a interface (including schematics and firmware) that
will connect (up to) 4 digital scales to your PC via RS232.
**But**, I fear that part 3 has a lot of missing information. As I'm
deep into the subject, I don't know what you need to know to make some
use out of the information. So _please_ let me hear what you want to
And now ... ***drum roll*** ... the link:

I'll have a beer now and be back in one hour or so.
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