thanks all 1st project complete

Over the past couple weeks I have posted a few questions and gotten good
answers plus I have searched through the past posts for data. I used the
info gained form this group to chose my equipment and got help on how to use
I have never touched a lathe or mill till I unpacked mine this past
well I thought my first project would be a stainless steel wedding band so
Friday I when to the local steel yard and picked up a 12" X 1" piece of
round stock, yesterday morning I leveled my lathe which was no easy task I
ended up making some screw feet out of 5/8" bolts and 1/4" X 3" plate plus
some nuts and washers, then I got to work.
I chucked up the SS bar in the 3 way and drilled a 1/2" hole using a drill
chuck on the tail stock then tried to bore the whole out but the tooling I
have is too big so I cut off about 3" of the bar and took it to the mill and
clamped it to an angle plate then I bored the whole out with a 3/4" endmill
after which I returned to the lathe and bored it to fit, turned the outside
dim. cut two groves, tapered the edges and cut it off.
and that's it job complete
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I just wanted to say thanks, with out your help I would still be sitting
here trying to decide which machine to buy. I hope in time I will be able to
provide useful info to the group.
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James Schenck
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Bob Engelhardt
Nice looking work, James. What did you use to cut the grooves? Did you grind a tool or use one of theose nifty insert groove cutters?
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Alan Raisanen
Congratulations! Nice Job. Welcome to the world of machinists!
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People seem to be having trouble so I hope you don't mind my copying it:
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