Tool Use Found in Octopuses

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some octopuses appear to also use tools.
Veined octopuses observed off the coast of Indonesia carried coconut shell
halves under their bodies, and assembled them as necessary into shelters ?
something that wasn?t supposed to be possible in their corner of the animal
?To date, invertebrates have generally been regarded as lacking the cognitive
abilities to engage in such sophisticated behaviors,? wrote Museum Victoria
biologists who described the octopuses in a paper published Monday in Current
Biology. ?The discovery of this octopus tiptoeing across the sea ?oor with its
prized coconut shells suggests that even marine invertebrates engage in
behaviors that we once thought the preserve of humans.?
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Tool use hasn't been "thought the preserve of humans" for a _long_ time, except by the massively ignorant. Observations of seagulls dropping mollusks onto rocks from a considerable height (to break open the shells) are at least several centuries old. Even tool-*making* isn't exclusive to humans; chimps do it too.
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Doug Miller
On a camping trip many years ago I left a jar of peanut butter on a picnic table next to the tent. Next morning the cap was off of the Peanut jar and something had scooped an ounce or two out of the jar. I suspected raccoons. I put the lid back on and kept and eye on the jar. Next morning I heard the lid drop off and hit the table. I peeked through the tent flap and saw a Red Winged Blackbird eating out of the jar. He did this every morning while we were there.
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That's hugely ignorant.
I guess mud daubers are on the evolutionary track to human-hood.
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teach him how to use a cnc mill and we're all set
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In ,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Soo... the human couldn't figure out a way to outwit the bird? ;-)
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Steve Ackman
Puppy understands people talk much better than I understand her speech pattern, although I do get the message when she goes into thought transfer mode. Gerry :-)} London, Canada
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Gerald Miller
i think the news in this news story is *"invertebrates"*. did you see the video on tv. it's humorous.
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William Wixon
They'll be on the mailing list for Grizzly Industrial catalogs before long. ;-)
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Paul Hovnanian P.E.

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