Toy cars anyone?

I'm sure some of the folks here can build toy cars like this one:

I'm honestly not so sure what's so special about it - except the current bid price...


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jim rozen
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Uh Jim...what are people thinking? Perhaps I'm missing something but I think you are right...its a gas power little car...$4,000!!#!$#

Why would they do that? They could be buying a nice piece of steel...with more parts on it like a nice lathe or even a mill.

Some people. Reno, Paul

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They raced cars like these on a tethered line around a pole. The wire that comes out of the top was to stp the engine as the car came around the track. This was in the days before radio controll. I remember seeing some pictures, don't remember werre though, about this. I think it was a big thing in England. I beleive they called it tether racing. That's about all I recall. OBT- you can see the two ears or conection points on one side of the car. That's what made me think of teher raceing.

regards, Bernd

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As someone else noted, it's a tether car. This one is pre-war, rare and in great shape. IIRC, Hornets were very high-end cars (note the nice finish and how sophisticated the engine is). The Hornet model aircraft engines are equally desirable.

To a collector, it's worth quite a bit.

(That sound you just heard was a lot of people rummaging through their attics)


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Carl Byrns

It's still going on:

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Check out the record speeds on the first site. 214mph is a little out of the "toy" category, IMHO. :-)



(Who was a railbird at the Richmond, CA track 50-odd years ago, and would love to hear the sound of a Dooling 61 again).

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Earl Boebert

That's nothing. Check out the high bid on this tin boat.



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Orrin Iseminger

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