Tramming a Sieg X3

OK, now comes the fun part. There are no Bridgeport style adjustments
possible for the X3. So how is the head adjusted? I would think shimming
the column would not be the preferred solution...
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Louis Ohland
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Louis - have you established that it needs tramming ? Mine is dead on, from the factory. You do have to resorts to shimming if it needs adjusting. Also, might be tough to do, as it is has dowel pins securing it in the factory-calibrated position.
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I tend to start out very complex, and as time goes by, strip things right down to the basics...
I did a sweep with a Zero-set and a test indicator, any variance was probably exasperated by the angle. Looking at a back plunger dial indicator set so I can get REAL readings.
The sweep hinted at less than 5 thousandths difference on the long axis from one side of the sweep to the other.
Issues: Locking the head down would probably help, but with multiple passes and changing the head height sorta makes me inclined not to use the lock for every pass of the end mill.
The dowel pins on the head "plate" are placed parallel to the dovetail plate and the head plate. It would be possible.
rashid111 wrote:
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Louis Ohland
Why not? That is how it is usually done.
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