Truck progress

The truck has a motor again ! Last Wednesday I bolted the trans up in
place , Thursday I dropped the motor in . I still have a ways to go
hooking up all the wiring , vacuum hoses , dist and carb and headers and
and and ... But the motor and trans are both completely rebuilt and
ready to irritate the locals .
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Dual down turn straight pipes blowing rocks everywhere?
I had down turn tips on the Super Craps I ran on the FLHT. Nobody parked to close to me. LOL. Everybody was happier when I swapped that to the White Bros 2:1. To bad they quit making street exhaust.
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Bob La Londe
I'm fabbing the exhaust myself . Got a set of SS pipes for a '57 Chevy for free that I'm cutting and welding . Got long/small tube headers and 2" tube . A pair of Thrush Hush muffs and I'm probably going to need more pipe , we'll see .
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