New use for microwave oven

New to me but undoubtedly someone has done this before. I have a 1981
4.5 HP Johnson outboard motor. I was picking up some chairs my wife
had bought from one of her clients and the client offered me this old
outboard motor. Since my last outboard motor was ruined by the person
who borrowed it I was interested. But I didn't want something that was
actually an anchor so I said if it was easy to turn over I would take
it. Not buy it, just take it off the guy's hands. It turned over
easily so I put it in the truck with the chairs. When I got it home I
stuck a screwdriver in a sparkplug boot, held the shank, and turned
the motor over. I got a pretty good tingle so I decided the motor was
worth a little time. I sprayed some starting fluid into the carb and
the motor ran so then I hooked it up to a gas tank but (no surprise)
no gas would flow through the carb. Removing the carb I found water in
the float bowl. No water in the rest of the carb, none in the engine,
and no signs of water anywhere besides the float bowl. That was weird,
only finding water in the carb. I cleaned everything up, reassembled
the carb and bolted it to the engine. The engine started right up
(hooray!) but then flooded right away. I could see gas flowing out of
the carb. The cork float was waterlogged. Since there is no way for me
to get a new float on a Sunday I decided to dry the cork float out. In
a microwave oven. And it worked! Amazing.The float grew in diameter by
about .125" and thickness by about .05". But the float bowl has room.
Tomorrow I am ordering a new float and float valve. I would have made
a new one out of brass sheet but the float is a torus and that is too
much work to make.
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Great! congrats. Maybe splash swamp. sputter, sputter, die.
I have an old but working kitchen oven that fans the heat - convection - and a large cavity. Second hand, we have a nice one inside. Shop heats the welding rods in it and whatever. Now to scrounge a microwave for some tasks like that. Hum - moving bench to new workroom so need another bench....
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Martin Eastburn
It's easy to kill an outboard: give it to someone who doesn't understand the concept of putting oil into gasoline.
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Tim Wescott
My outboard is a 3 HP Johnson that my Dad and I bought new in 1954. It ran fine the last time I used it (1981). It probably has less than 100 hours on the clock. One of these days I should get it out and see if it will run. That and the other 97 projects on the book. Ah well, the grand Daughters go back to the other London on Thursday so might get back to normal sometime.
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Um, "Needs some work."
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Larry Jaques
It needs a complete mast assembly, sail, and all cabling, windows, upholstery, rudder, etc. Lots more than a $50 mast.
But $0 is a mighty good deal if you want a sailboat.
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Larry Jaques
Do I _look_ like I'm in Long Beach?
I'd like to get some alone-time with some of these thieves. Wouldn't you?
I'll bet!
Another Freebie?
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Larry Jaques

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