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That's what I use now days. But it's in a blasting cabinet. Works much faster. :-)

Wayne Cook Shamrock, TX

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Wayne Cook
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I've seen a very nice tumbler: It was a used truck tire rolling on two rolls. One roll driven by a motor. Some rolls added to avoid the tire to loose track and come off of the two base rolls. Depending on what you do, it is enough to put a handfull of the parts into the tumbler. Nothing to add. YMMV.


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Nick Müller

Well, the local rock shop at home used tires in their massive rock tumbling setup - several of them in line on a set of shafts. Gets you a durable rubber vessel of a nicely large diameter, with easy access. Bucket seems smallish relative to parts, and not very durable (may not matter as it's also dirt cheap/free). Media depends on what you are doing, and others likely have better ideas WRT steel polishing (rock shop used water/SiC slurry, and then various polishes when they had ground fine enough to suit them).

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Paint the inside with some of that truck bed liner "rubber"? Randy

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Randy Replogle

If someone wants to make a tumbler out of an old tire, I have a pair of old turf tires from the front of my Kubota tractor I will donate. They are quite wide and mount to a wheel about 12 " in diameter.

Paul, KD7HB Redmond, OR

Randy Replogle wrote:

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Heres a link with a picture of a car tire used as a tumbler.

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I've seen a tire used. Close in the sides with the means of your choice, place on rollers, drive as fast as you'd like. I think what I saw was a large truck tire, but you can use what works for you and whatever you have.

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carl mciver

"carl mciver" wrote

Some of these flat wide racy tires around today would give you one that you could reach in easily, and that would handle a little longer pieces.

Best thing is they are free.

Sometimes I go to the local tire store to get some rims for projects. Stands, and such. It always amazes me that they are surprised that you actually want to haul this stuff away for them. They have never charged me.


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Steve B

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