Types of Gears

Pictures of types of gears....

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Millwright Ron
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Boss gears

Non-union gears

Union gears = idler gears

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You probably have a lot of good technical experience to share as long as you leave out the agitprop.

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Jim Wilkins

Very nice examples.

what the story behind them? they look like something used in sales or teaching?

Brent Ottawa Canada

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Good photography. There are more types you can add!

Another interesting reference, my old _Scientific American Handy Book of Facts and Formulae_, Munn and Co., New York, 1920 lists 28 types of gears. Type #8 is 'angular gears', and the illustration shows two squares with gear teeth meshing... and type #22 'intermittent bevel gear or mutilated gear' is just... disturbing.

And then there's type #17, the 'globoid gear' for continuous variable speed control...

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Another -

Gear cutting Practice Colvin and Stanley 1937

- a Lindsay Publications reprint.

Mart> >> Pictures of types of gears....

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> Millwright Ron

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Martin H. Eastburn

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