Two types of posts

After being here on this NG for a couple of years now it has become
apparent to me that there are two basic types of posts.
The first type is from the true new comer who really has no clue and
seeks help here. That is all well and fine and in my view is the reason
for the NG in the first place.
The second type however comes from those who already know (and hate) the
correct answer but would like very much for it to go away. In other
words they are desperately seeking to "poke the fat hog in the ars" or
if you prefer "to take the easy way out" (spell that c-h-e-e-p). I wish
lots of luck to that ever growing flock of "Harry Potter Magic Seekers".
But remember, sometimes in life you just have to eat a few flies.
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Micheal H. Gordon
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And the third type of post is below.
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I don't think I understand what you mean by the second type. You are correct in that the first type definitely belong here.
Most of the problems relate to our wonderfully simple two-stroke glow engines, which really aren't simple at all.
Just about everyone has had something to do with car, motorcycle or lawn equipment engines. Unfortunately, everyone of those engines has the one thing that the majority of glow engines do not have - a fuel pump/regulator. Not only does the beginner have to understand how their engine works and how to set the carburetor correctly, but the lack of a fuel pump/regulator complicates matters immensely. As can be expected, it is the beginner that has the most difficulty assimilating the knowledge that is necessary to help them operate their engine correctly.
My guess is that the majority of questions dealing with beginner's engines have to do with setting up the model's fuel tank and plumbing, and the errors that can creep into the process during construction/assembly.
ARFs will not truly be ARFs until the manufacturers set up the fuel tanks at the factory and run the plumbing for the purchaser.
Ed Cregger
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Ed Cregger
I agree with lithops. There is a third type of poster. Without the first and and second type, then there would be no reason or place for the third type who possess decades of experience and knowledge to be posting.
I believe I belong to the second type who knows enough but not too much. I needed help with questions on electric flight and am no way cheap (Electric costs more to set up than glow powered). Some people may not agree on this. There are so many who has the know how that are willing to instruct and explain that I am impressed with this news group or usenet.
I'm not trying to stir up controversy, just want to express my appreciation for having a place to ask without risk of ridicule.
Fortunate to have found this group, Wan AMA 2003
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I see this sentiment more often than I should. Ridicule? You've got a much better chance of being ridiculed in this group than you do at a flesh-and-bone flying field.
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Mathew Kirsch
I guess you're right. If one only reads what is posted only a few threads below this one about being grouchy. There is an aweful lot of ridiculing there. On the other hand, I wonder if the third type of poster would rather the second type do not post? I asked this in seriousness because I frequent this discussion group even if I didn't post.
There's a lot to be learned from here. When I had a question about my folding props breaking in the winter, I was given lessons on plastics and polymers. Asked a question about differences in glow fuels, got thorough discourses on chemistry.
May I propose another type though they don't belong here? They don't post. They're the ones who have the ability and knowledge and think posting here is a waste of time. No offense intended.
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I don't know which class of poster I fall into, Wan, but I'm sure glad you are here, with the others, and that I am able to be here.
This newsgroup is a kind of model airplane club all in itself. I get a tremendous amount of enjoyment from it.
Ed Cregger
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Ed Cregger
A-MEN, Brother Ed! :-) I get as much (if not more) from listening to the chatter out here than I do when I go to our club meetings (one tontie) Thanx all for your input to our "virtual club" Mark
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And another amen! For all the stupidity that goes on here in the form of flame wars, there is a hell of a lot of great information available in the rest of the group. I check in every day--just like taking vitamins--and skip the silliness.
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Moe Blues
Make that three "Amens"- hangar flying is the next best thing to getting actual airtime, and for the most part, it's congenial and educational here. Plenty of times, when I'm away from home, this newsgroup is the best way to get a fix for my model airplane habit. As for the flames: You'll sometimes receive more ridicule here than at a face to face encounter; more often than not, however, it comes when you are asking for it, with off topic political posts, etc. And what was that second type of pilot? - I still don't get it.
"It ain't that difficult" -Paul
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Paul Ryan
| Make that three "Amens"- hangar flying is the next best thing to | getting actual airtime
Um, wouldn't `hangar flying' be flying in a hangar? Probably hard to do with a giant scale plane, but recent electrics can do it with no problem! Wouldn't that be actual air-time?
| and for the most part, it's congenial and educational here.
Oh, you're calling this newsgroup `hangar flying'. I liked my version better :)
| Plenty of times, when I'm away from home, this | newsgroup is the best way to get a fix for my model airplane habit.
Sounds like another job for a small electric, one that can be folded up and put in a suitcase and taken with you :)
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Doug McLaren
I kept scanning this thread and could not find who it is that you're making your commentaries about. But I do appreciate your sense of humor.
I had a friend who actually had built a "suitcase" glow powered plane that he carried on airliners. Believe it or not, he can take it with him. :-)
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