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Thanks for all of the posts on this Usenet group! I've found a lot of help in here! So far I haven't found the answer to this question.

In the Summary Information -> Custom Tab

I'm looking for a list of all of the Property Name Types [NOT included in the drop down list].

I know the following ones (from the drop down list): " snipped-for-privacy@part.sldprt" " snipped-for-privacy@part.sldprt" " snipped-for-privacy@part.sldprt" Surface Area, Ixx,... P..., and others in the drop down.

Is there a site or list with other Property Name Types,

e.g. File Name Units Used (cgs, ...) Units used for Mass (kg or lb) Date last saved

Thanks, David

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Actually there is a file in your SW install folders that is called properties.txt. You can put this file anywhere and point to it with a file location option. You can have any properties you want that don't confilict with existing properties.

You can get existing properties from Help and from the drop down list you mentioned. Some properties like units used are not directly accessible from custom properties. These have to be accessed via the API through a macro. A macro can write a system property like current user units to custom properties. wrote:

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Thank you for the reply. That was helpful to know where the list of all of the Property Names are. (in Properties.txt)

Does anyone know of other Automatically updated Properties Such as: " snipped-for-privacy@part.sldprt"

Date last saved File Name

Thanks for all of your help!


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I guess no one knows, since they are not in the drop-down list...

If you look at the possible values in the drop-down list, you may notice that all of them are related to mass properties. It is also mentioned in the SW help, that you can link dimensions and mass properties to custom properties. There just ain't more of them, I guess.


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