Ultrasonic Cleaner

Has anyone used an ultrasonic cleaner for pistols and other gun parts.
I just bought one at HF with the intention of filling it with Hoppe's
#9 and dropping in some bolts and pistol slides that could use a good
cleaning. Once I took it out of the box, though, it had a warning on
the front of it that says not to use any "volitile fluids" in it.
Is there a good reason for this, or is it another example of
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Steve Mulhollan
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"Volatile" fluids can be made to boil by application of enough ultrasonic energy. And flammable fumes around any electrical device is bad karma.
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
I have used kerosene in my cleaner but I don't let it go above warm and I have a metal cover that came with it. I often use the cover to reduce the smell when in use.
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You are adding energy to your fluid, it's going to get warm and volatile solvents WILL vaporize. Do it with some flammable solvent where you've got a gas water heater and you might have a nice foomph. Brownell's sells some cleaners that are water-based for use in ultrasonic cleaners, you will have to oil/grease/rustproof afterwards as the existing stuff will have vanished. Strip your guns before cleaning this way, sludge will find it's way to where it's not wanted if you don't. Glock firing pin channels are particularly sensitive. You really don't need much solvent action with ultrasonic cleaners, the cleaning is mechanical in nature. Water-based cleaners work well in most cases.
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