HF HVLP turbine-gun kit

I just got the $80 HF turbine/gun kit (not conversion gun):

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(That link shows it as $90, but catalog #44677-2bpa is $80.)

I took some 35 year old paint (from back when they made the good stuff) and started playing with the sprayer. Thinned the paint twice & it was still too thick (paint drops too big). The 3rd time worked very nicely. It measured 9 seconds with the supplied viscosity cup.

Desperate to paint *something*, I took a sanding-belt holder that I had made & gave it a shot. Very satisfying! The holder is 6 or 7 compartments, each 3" wide & 4" deep. I.e., not just big flat surfaces. The sprayer did a very nice job. With negligible spraying experience on my part & my first use of the sprayer.

Cleanup was easy - they recommend that you do not disassemble the gun. Just spray solvent through it.

'Course the Operating Instructions left a lot out. Like:

- there are 3 tip & needle sets (1.0, 1.5, & 1.8 mm diam). I assume that their use depends upon the viscosity of the paint to be used. But paint can be thinned to any viscosity, so there is some uncertainty here.

- there is only one operational adjustment: paint volume. I used it barely open & it was fine for me, but what are the criteria for setting it?

- the HF listing says that it can spray a circular pattern, but the manual doesn't say how. I suspect that it doesn't do circular.

Anybody else own this "kit"? Any help with my questions?

Thanks, Bob

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Bob Engelhardt
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