Grinding belt holder

In my post about my new HVLP sprayer, I said that I tried it on a sanding belt holder. This is about that belt holder.

When I built my belt grinder, I bought a bunch of belts and had to store them. First in a drawer, where they where all jumbled and hard to find the right grit. Next hung on a row of nails, ordered by grit. But they were crowded together and kept pushing and shoving each other, with fights breaking out .

So I made a holder where each grit has its own room and everybody's happy. Easy to find and easy to get/put-back.

Overall about 15" x 20" (2 x 42 belts) & 4" deep. Each compartment is deep enough for 2 belts - the in-use one in front & spares behind.

Made from 20 - 22 ga (?) steel found at the dump, using my HF-hydraulic-press-as-press-brake & my MOT spotwelder.

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Yeah, I know - it's not a good shop color, but it's what I was playing with .

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