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Hi Iam looking for plans to build a USA style post box in sheet metal?
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Colin Jacobs
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Some of us old welders who have suffered the teen sport of mailbox bashing like to make them out of 8" [20 cm?] steel pipe and deep channel iron. Painted with aluminium paint they look very realistic in the dark until the little vandals hit them with a baseball bat. It makes them vibrate all the way back to town. Bugs
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Hmmm... interesting project. I tried looking for patterns on the web with no luck. I assume you are talking about the rounded top square bottom rectangular base type.
I have seen them made either with rolled seams or welded seams.
Might be cheaper to order one and then measure it.
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Greg Krynen
--What he said. There was a loooong thread here some time back about what constitutes an adequate mailbox in hostile territory, heh.
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The "Rural Route" one with the flag or the big blue one on street corners? Randy
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Randy Replogle

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