USS New York

It's finished, will be commissioned Nov 7
Bow is made from WTC steel.
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Rick Samuel
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That's great Rick..........what is WTC steel? Can't find that in any of metals books. Steve
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Steve Lusardi
Steel from the remains of World Trade Center, I would suppose.
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World Trade Center?
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The bow stem was made from recovered World Trade Center steel.
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Steve W.
Slightly off the subject, but the web site of the USS NY reminded me:
I went to the Intrepid last week. I hadn't been there in about 4 years. I don't know what I was expecting, but after the multi-year, multi-zillion dollar overhaul, I know I was expecting something more than I got. The exhibits were mostly the same as they were last time. There were a few more restored rooms, crew quarters and the like, but there were far fewer hands-on exhibits. There was a simulator you had to pay for, but not much else. The planes, while always a treat, were pretty much the same as a few years back.
I dunno, the ship is so friggin huge, I was hoping for more of a Smithsonian Air & Space experience.
But don't get me wrong, if you've never been there, it's most definitely worth the trip.
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Sorry, correct World Trade Center
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Rick Samuel
i wonder if the sailors on the USS New York are going to consider it an honor or a jinx.
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William Wixon
I was thinking the same thing.
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John R. Carroll
Let's hope it has better luck than it did there.
God bless her and all who sail in her.
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John Husvar
Hear Hear!!
"Lenin called them "useful idiots," those people living in liberal democracies who by giving moral and material support to a totalitarian ideology in effect were braiding the rope that would hang them. Why people who enjoyed freedom and prosperity worked passionately to destroy both is a fascinating question, one still with us today. Now the useful idiots can be found in the chorus of appeasement, reflexive anti-Americanism, and sentimental idealism trying to inhibit the necessary responses to another freedom-hating ideology, radical Islam"
Bruce C. Thornton, a professor of Classics at American University of Cal State Fresno
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Gunner Asch
One hopes that after is came out of the mill, it had only a passing resemblance to its original form and properties, so it's more Voodoo than engineering...
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand

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