Vacuum pump from refrigeration compressor questions

You mean the immobile motor home you use as a shed.
LOL You don't have "very little money," never will, and won't be buying any homes or land, ever.
If you want to move, why wait until the worst time to do it? A: Your only chance of moving up is in your apocalyptic fantasies, where it's not so much you making improvements as it is others being dragged down to your level.
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Normal Person
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Self indulgent frivolities, many of which are badly damaging his already precarious health.
I can't imagine anyone without serious brain damage ever following his advice.
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Mike Kuhn
Coincidently to my vacuum pump questions arrived a sales brochure from an outfit called 4 Patriots that sells all sorts of freeze dried foods and other survivalist type stuff. I wouldn't send them a nickle. Part of the reason is their 900 some dollar "value" nylon EMP bag. With copper mesh woven into the nylon mesh this "military" grade bag supposedly provides EMP protection for your sensitive electronics. HAH! Eric
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I had a septic system installed on my property years ago and then I did my own installation for our house about 7 years ago. I learned an awful lot about how septic systems work and why they fail. Island County, WA also has a class that teaches you how to check your septic system. Besides being really helpful when I installed my own system the County Health officer explained why the county hates it when people add the enzymes and crap to septic tanks. The solids that are supposed to settle innthe septic tank instead get carried out into the drain field. Where they then proceed to eventually clog the drain field. This has all sorts of negative consequences. Though we tend to focus on the septic tank and how to avoid pumping it the drain field is the most important part of the septic system. Properly operating you will have safe disposal of the sewage from your house. Improperly operating can and will eventually lead to unsafe pollution levels. Not only that, the drain field is often times ruined by improper operation of the septic system and cannot be rehabilitated for cheap. This is why a reserve drain field area is required for gravity systems, which both of mine are. Pressurized systems, AKA mound systems, can just have the mound removed and replaced. Which costs waaaaaaaay more than a gravity system. Eric
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The Angie article has some silly person calling drain cleaner, disinfectants, and bleach "septic tank additives". All 3 of those kill bacteria and are not "additives". Your 'expert' advice is truly lacking validity, nymmer.
I add an ounce of Roebic anaerobic bacteria 4 times a year. It cleans my main drain and adds the proper bacteria to the septic system, both good things. I figure that it offsets my small use of bleach on white loads.
Sorry, Gunner. I, too, just responded to the nitwit.
I'd truly hate to have to pay to repair one. I'm just glad the idiot bitch didn't ruin my leach field when she put her "arena" in over it.
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