DIY lathe tool post

Shortly after buying my lathe and before finding a proper toolpost for
it, I made a boring bit holder from a pipe tee by drilling it 0.500
across the single leg. A 1/2" carriage bolt that catches in the
compound tee slot clamps the tee on the lathe and a pipe plug secures
the boring bar in the hole.
I mounted the tee on a pipe nipple to face the opposing ends flat and
parallel, then installed it in position on the compound and drilled
the crosswise hole, automatically at center height and offset to clear
the upright bolt..
Then I found a used Multifix tool post and put the pipe tee away until
this morning.
Today's first project was lightly boring the end of a piece of pipe
that's almost too long for the lathe. The pipe tee toolpost gave just
enough clearance. Then I noticed that the punch mark I made at the
compound's center of rotation was exposed -- it's on the top of the
compound when cranked all the way back, as it was to gain clearance. A
square bit clamped in the pipe tee can be moved back about 3/4" behind
the punch mark, meaning I can turn a ball end up to 1-1/2" in diameter
by swiveling the compound.
The tool bit needs its point lowered to 1/2 way down to be at lathe
center height when clamped in the round hole. Setting the radius is
easy, turn the blank to size and adjust the bit to touch either side
of it.
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