Aloris Tool Post Lock Handle Postions?

My Aloris CXA tool post came with my used lathe and didn't come with any instructions, sorry if this is a stupid question. The tool holder locking handle tightens when the handle is toward the work getting in the way of long work or the tailstock. Is there a way to adjust this handle position?


Roger N

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that's backwards from all the other Aloris holders I've seen - maybe if you just disassemble it you can reorient the handle assembly by 90 degrees (and clean all the swarf out of it while you are at it)

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William Noble

Pack out the shaft with a spacer (AKA washer) to change clamped down position - experiment a bit....

Andrew VK3BFA.

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Andrew VK3BFA

Have you tried different holders with the same result? Is the position the same regardless of which dovetail the holder is mounted on?

Is the problem that the handle turns too far, or not far enough?

If the dovetail in the holder is too wide, the handle has to turn farther to clamp. Same if the toolpost dovetail is worn, but it would be unlikely both dovetails would be worn the same amount, and the amount of wear that would place the handle over the work would be excessive.

Ned Simmons

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The problem is worse with my import tool holders, the handle hits the height adjustment screw as its tightened in the boring position. I was guessing that there was a way to dis-engage the handle, rotate it, and re-engage, guess not. Another reply said it sounded backward from his experience, in fact this is on a toolpost mounted on the back side on a CNC attachment. If I need to I can shorten the height adjustment screws to clear the locking handle. I just thought it might be an easy basic setup adjustment that I hadn't figured out.

Thanks! RogerN

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According to Roger_N :

My experience has been with BXAs mostly, and a bit with AXAs, but let me ask something first:

Is yours a piston type or a wedge type holder? The piston types have two locations where it should lock, and the lever (with nothing mounted) can rotate a full 360 degrees.

For the wedge style, it mostly matters how you have it mounted. The two dovetails should be one to the left (for normal turning), and one towards the center of the lathe (for facing and boring). I try to make sure that the inner dovetail is parallel to the axis, and almost never rotate the post to get other angles. That is dealt with by the selection of tools and tool holders.

If the dovetails are in the positions I suggested, and there are still problems, it is possible that someone took it apart and reassembled it with the wrong lead started. The collar rotated by the lever has a multi-lead thread, and you would have to disassemble it and reassemble it with the right set of threads engaged.

If there is something different about the CXA -- please let me know about it.

Good Luck, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

Just loosen the nut and rotate the entire block. You are un-screwing the bar that locks into the slide. You mount it that way.

Mart> that's backwards from all the other Aloris holders I've seen - maybe if you

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Martin H. Eastburn

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