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I just picked up a used compressor to replace the little hearing-destroying buzz bomb thing I have been using for small tasks. This (new for me) one should be good for all my needs. Now I can get some tools that want more air.

It has a 3-hp motor driving a Quincy 2-stage compressor model 310 25. I think it will be ok for a long time, but I like to be prepared; anyone know of a source for documentation on the Quincy 310 compressor unit, if I ever need to work on it? Right now I have no docs. Found a page with rebuild kits but nothing on documentation.

I googled a post about a year back where Jon Elson said he knew of sites with Quincy documentation. Hoping someone knows where to look.

Also, anyone know, based on the 310 with ROC 25, how old this thing might actually be?

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Call Quincy and find the nearest service center. Go there and get a real manual. One of the good things about Quincy is you can just call 'em up.


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Grant Erwin

I had an unusual problem with my tractor PTO quincy compressor a few years back. The service guy had taken several apart and walked me right through what to do right off the top of his head. Good people at Quincy.


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Karl Townsend

My local outfit is "Bi-State Compressor", but there are authorized Quincy dealers all over the US. You can probably look in the yellow pages under air compressors (or Compressors, air) and look for the Quincy logo on one of the display ads. They will have all the data and exploded parts diagrams on file. These things are built like tanks, and will last a long time. Tapered roller bearings on crank, roller and needle roller on the rod, etc. Mine was made in about 1968, I think, still going strong.

I think your unit may be a QR-25 series, model 310


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Jon Elson

Yes, probably. The tank it is on doesn't look exactly like the current models in the brochure but the compressor looks similar to the QR-25 shown there and it does have the pressurized oil with a gauge.

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