Value of Cincinnati #2 tool and cutter grinder?

I've got an Enco end mill sharpener from the 80's that looks very similar. You've probably seen it before but I can send you pictures if you are interested. That general style of grinder seems to be somewhat generic and you may find several companies sold it, like Chevalier, KBC, etc. I found a manual for mine for $25 from a company called Gromax and it appears to be nearly an exact match so far as parts are concerned. Email me and I may be able to found a clone manual for you from another source. Might not be an exact match but some components should be the same as yours.
Did you get any tooling for it, like an air bearing?
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Mike Henry
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Mike, yes, I have an air bearing for it. I took a few pictures after cleaning it up.
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I would love to get a copy of the manual. Or, maybe, I can exchange some piece of machinery that you need for a 30 minutes instruction or something.
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