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I was recently in a hotel which had a bathroom fan activated by the light
switch. It is not a central ventilation system, the fan is in the ceiling. I
assume there is not a separate exhaust through the exterior wall for each of
the hotel's bathrooms so how do they route the ducting. Does each room's
ducting lead to a central line and have a one way flapper to prevent exhaust
from one bathroom to enter another's bathroom? I am building a house which
will have 4 separate exhaust fans and an air exchanger and I do not want 5
outlets exiting the house. Thanks
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"habbi" wrote in news:Kiz8e.15878$
Many times, these exit through the soffit, where they cannot be seen.
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Kill five birds with one stone. Use your air exchanger for bathroom exhaust. Most can be wired for a remote switch that can be mounted in the bathrooms, multiple switches are no problem. Greg
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Greg O
Hey Habbi,
Have a look at
Might be just what you want.
A Google on "soffit exhaust vents" might be helpful.
Take care.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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Brian Lawson
FWIW the bathroom fan FAQ is at
formatting link
I used to design and install a lot of bathroom fan systems, prior to a career change (getting further up the food chain from the building contracting level). A system like that in a hotel would feed into a riser duct, with a roof fan on the top to make sure the air is sucked out, rather than a down draft forcing it next door. I would not rely on backdraft dampers to seal off. The are not airtight, and the often rattle and can jam. Generally more trouble than they are worth. If you want to feed the ducts into a central exhaust without a main fan, then you will need backdraft dampers, and maker sure that the ducts enter at an angle so the flow is towards the exit. Depending on your layout, it may not be economical, feasible or desirable to do this anyway. Long ducting runs really kill fna performance. Any questions, let me know Geoff
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geoff m

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