very cool micro drill press video

here is a very nice piece of home built machinery - there is a 3 part video,
and if I didn't mess up, the link will take you to the first one - this guy
did some very nice work, both aesthetically, and from a precision point of
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William Noble
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Indeed! Except for the sensitive tapping attachment. Doesn't look to work so good. But the rest is really nicest work and looking very stylish!
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Nick Mueller
Nice. Since I collect antique electric kitchen mixers, it was neat to see it being powered by a malt mixer motor. Hamilton Beach patented the first electric malt mixer in 1911. They also used the motor by itself for powering other items, sewing machines being the most common. It was marketed as the Hamilton Beach "Home Motor" and came with a small pulley installed and a foot controlled rheostat.
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