Stuart Victoria Progress- Fly Ball Governor

Quite a long time since I progressed the Stuart Victoria, over the weekend I've been able to crack on and get the governor assembly completed. The whole build is documented in words and pictures at my blog:

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That link will get you to the blog. Because it's a blog its very much last in first out! Hopefully there is something of interest here, have a browse, see what you think.

A couple of video's on Youtube if you haven't seen them already-

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this is a trial run of the base engine, but you can see the double height steam chest to accommodate a Meyer expansion valve arrangement.

Here is the engine developed with the drive gear for the Meyer expansion valve:

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In any event, searching on youtube for "swithnell" will get you the metalworking videos I've posted to date.

Next step will be to mount the governor and finish the drive gear, once that's working and publish a new video...



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