VFD running 5 pumps?

Is it possible to run say five 2hp blowers or pumps from one 10hp VFD?
I read about "Multiple Motors" where the VFD can turn on additional
motors if the "master" is max'd out and the control is calling for more
flow; but I just want all five of the pumps to start & stop together and run
at the same speed. (Five identical tanks.)
I guess I'm just wondering if there is some kind of "feedback" or
"inductance" problem that would prevent all of them from running off of one
Thanks in advance,
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David Courtney
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It should work fine. But do not turn them on and off individually.
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Thanks. I wouldn't shut them down or turn them on individually, except if a pump motor failed and tripped it's own breaker.
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David Courtney

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