Way Way OT- The Dew does YOU

Like a lot of RCM'ers I love carbonated drinks.

A frosty can or bottle is the perfect thing while watching the NC make parts.

Here is some disturbing science that appears to back up everything Mom said about the fizzy stuff, though:

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From sci.med.dentistry


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I notice they left orange juice out of the study which will do the same thing to teeth.

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will do the same thing to teeth.<

Also they don't have any figures on PEPSI Edge or COKE C2 which have approximately HALF the sugar and Carbs! I guess it means it would take twice as long to rot the teeth down to gum level. As a Pepsi and Mountain Dew drinker of some 10-20 bottles a day for thirty years that explains why I had to have my TOP teeth replaced with plastic, but why at 61 I haven't had to replace the bottom ones?


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It's the acid content that eats the teeth away not the sugar.

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vel. As a Pepsi and Mountain Dew

Its the gas - it causes the drink to rise in the mouth by providing a cushion around the lower teeth...

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If you look through the data, A&W Root Beer causes teeth to get bigger -

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