You know WD-40 has been used for dozens if not hundreds of off label
uses. From lubing a squeaky hinge or cutting aluminum on the mill to
being spray as a fish attractant and even used topically as an arthritis
pain treatment. Well, as I've learned over the years to use the right
product for the right job my supply of WD-40 has dwindled. Its been
years since I ran out. Well today I actually needed some for its
intended purpose. To displace water on some machinery I just cleaned by
taking it out side and blasting the chips off of with a hose nozzle. For
once its the right product for the job and I don't have any. LOL.
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Bob La Londe
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I started buying the gallon cans and their branded pump/squirt bottles. Watch for good deals/sales when the can starts getting low. Think I have three squirters setting around in strategic places. Mostly used as a rust preventive after handling/using tools. Big help with high humidity days of late. Doesn't work well as a long term rust preventative though...
Works pretty well for getting sticky/gooey gunk off your hands too :)
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Leon Fisk

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