WEG 5HP Compressor Motor - Dual Capacitor Single Phase

Does anyone have a WEG 5HP Dual Capacitor 203-230 volts Single Phase
Electric Motor in their shop?. I need the capacitor values. Model 0898
AP77935. The motor is usually found on a compressor.
I am trying to repair this motor for s shop and 3 electricians have
given up. But the capacitors are missing. Yes missing. The wiring for
the capacitors is not in parallel so the capacitors are probably for
running and starting.
WEG is unable to find the model number in their reference materials.
And the local motor shop is no help without the capacitor values.
Thanks for any assistance.
Bob AZ
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Bob AZ
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Likely one end is common. It is typical for motors of that size (and I'll bet 184T form factor) to have two start/run caps. One is always in circuit -- it's an oil cap, designed to run full-time at AC and full voltage. The other is a *usually larger* electrolytic that's also non- polarized, but only is in circuit during spin-up.
IIRC, the full-time run-cap (oil) is about 80uF at 250V or above. I don't recall the start-cap's value, but could find it on one of about a dozen motors at work, given a trip in Monday.
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
Thank you for the very valuable information. The information does confirm a drawing that WEG sent me that has only the Capacitor Connection information. I opened the motor at the capacitor switch end and the actual switch is two switches in series with a tap in the common position. Also the capacitors have a common lead.
I will appreciate the capacitor values if you are able to make it available.
Despite my many years of experience with electrical things my electrical motor smarts need some more help.
Take care and thanks for the prompt response.
Bob AZ
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Bob AZ

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