Someone here, preferably one of the old timers, that could tell poor old Lennie what's going on here? Suddenly, Cliffie seems to be making more sense than a lot of others, and even I used to think Cliff was going a little far. But this latest bunch? Where in hell did they crawl in from?

And pardon the typo's, lost 60% of the vision in my left eye, makes seeing text difficult.

Lennie the Lurker. (In the past.)

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All the nutcases liked to cross post their lively right wing wit, and now they cross post to us...

I'm fine with OT, but now that these idiots are coming in, I'm going elsewhere more often than not.

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Stuart Wheaton

Lennie - I was just thinking about you the other day. Believe it or not, your flames and rants are missed.

Hell if I know what's going on. Stop by more often.

snipped-for-privacy@att.net wrote:

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Jim Stewart

You haven't noticed the left wing twit?


-- "Additionally as a security officer, I carry a gun to protect government officials but my life isn't worth protecting at home in their eyes." Dick Anthony Heller

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Looks like Cliff brought someone from the poliwhacko groups. The character called Basil, is he for real or a sockpuppet? Can't be anything in that head, if he has a head. But could also have been gummer and his cross posting, went into the crap groups and brought his buddies here. 'S ok, what used to be one of the more active aviation flame fests is almost dead, from over a hundred per day to about one.

Lost an eye for a couple of days in Feb, went out on me a month ago and isn't back. Irritating, can't see to read a micrometer without a lens, and no depth perception. Sucks, but last night, found out there's no tumor, just advanced years catching up to me. Doc likened it to mini strokes. Oh well. Nothing lasts forever.


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How the hell are you? Been a long, long time.

Sorry about the loss of vision. Details?


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Harold and Susan Vordos

Guess I'm doing ok, every test they did on me came up normal, MRI only shows age related atrophy. CTscan shows metal chips embedded in the eyesocket, don't know when that got there, just that it's been there more than fifteen years. But they're not the problem.

Got rid of a lot of the old machines, not using them, and needing room for other stuff coming in. Started changing my woodworking machines, going almost totally with Grizzly. More expensive, but worth it.

Was off line almost completely for two years, peaceful and I didn't run my credit car up online. Then sat around and decided I wanted the guitar of my dreams, found out it wasn't as much as I thought. Ended up with two Gretsch, 5120 and 5122, gives me the feel I like, sounds aren't hard to adjust to get. Bought a Les Paul, sound from that thing totally sucks, can't get anything from it but a hard rock screech that I hate. Heavy, not comfortable to hold or to stand with. Or maybe I played the Harmony super auditorium I had too much.

Picked up an old Shopsmith, just going to get it working, get rid of it. Don't like all in one machines, they don't do anything particularly well, if I was completely restricted for room, it might make sense, but I already have separate machines of the different kinds. Bought a Grizzly wood lathe and the copy attachment, saves time in rough shaping, but still leaves a lot of hand finishing. Maybe worth it, we'll see if I can see well enough to use it. The idea of a skew chisel embedded in my forehead doesn't appeal very much, about as much as slag down in the shoe.

Battlebot, got that urge, started, now I can start again with motors that might actually do what they should. Totally amazed at how small the electronics are getting, not even a quarter the size of my airborne units. MIght have to change the motor controller, the motors each draw 50 amps stalled. Just something to keep my mind occupied, nothing serious, and so far, not expensive.

Got enough to keep the mind busy, also trying to get some of the notes from my pond work put in a coherent form, if there's anything coherent about microscopic life in a pond. Trying to rough out an order of succession, but there doesn't seem to be any distinct pattern, only general tendencies.

Daughter's in a nursing home, ventilator 24 hours a day, bit of a drive there, but better than me having to run every time something triggers an alarm. Reached the age that taking care of her isn't an option now.

Surviving, still having some fun, and happy I don't have to go to work everyday.



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Twernt me. I VERY seldom start a crosspost thread.

However I will participate in one. Pehaps you should review the header data and find out who brought everyone in?


"Somewhere a True Believer is training to kill you. He is training with minimum food or water,in austere conditions, day and night. The only thing clean on him is his weapon. He doesn't worry about what workout to do--- his rucksack weighs what it weighs, and he runs until the enemy stops chasing him. The True Believer doesn't care 'how hard it is'; he knows he either wins or he dies. He doesn't go home at 1700; he is home. He knows only the 'Cause.' Now, who wants to quit?"

NCOIC of the Special Forces Assessment and Selection Course in a welcome speech to new SF candidates

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Gunner Asch

For some reason, Agent merged your thread from a year ago with a current thread. I hope your eye healed up. From some of your comments in the resurrected thread, I can tell you have a sense of humor.

Stop by again.


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