OT-What if Pot were legal

Lets make Pot legal
My God!! Think of what you are saying, are you trying to break this economy
Legal Pot may be good for selfish you but look at the hardships it will
What happens to the hard working illegals families that depend on the money
from bringing drugs into this country?
What about all the police no longer needed causing massive layoffs? Not
only will they lose the tax free payoffs but with limited skills they will
be forced to take jobs at Wal Mart as security people that check bags.
Here is the real meat of why Pot will never be legal ... the Lawyers. How
in the hell are lawyers (Prosecution-Defense) going to make a living? The
DA will force Cops delegated to arresting Jaywalkers and dog poopers just so
they (lawyers) have something to do.
The Prison system will have to sell most of it's prison's and fire the
guards. You might say " lets make condo's from the prisons" ... but if you
said that, now I am convinced you are a subversive because , don't you know
a housing Glut exists? And your idea of condo's will just drive the price
of poor people trying to sell thier houses down more.
The politicians learned a lesson from prohibition. They lost most of their
income once booze was made legal .. I
don't think they will ever do that again.
Geezsus .. all some people think about are themselves
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Yea boy, think of all the mental giants we'd have because their brains quit growing with it'd first taste of PCB. We'd have these mental giants driving 2 ton vehicles on our streets while they were seeing little green frogs falling from the sky. We'd have scores of mental idiots that the SS system would be having to support because their brains were too growth retarded to be able to hold a job and support themselves. Sounds like it would be a sure way for the democrats to stay in office to me
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Even worse, if you legalize pot you breal the mantra that 'things' are illegal and people will want to own other 'things' like guns and the police will be forced to arrest people because of their actions instead of their possessions ;) Free men own guns - www(dot)geocities(dot)com/CapitolHill/5357/
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Nick Hull

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