what are these tools used for (0/1)

Hello, Can someone tell me what these tools are used for?

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Not without a picture we can't.


formatting link
Which you can upload photos to and receive back a URL which you can insert into your newsgroup post so people can see what you're asking about.

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From the (0/1) at the end of the "Subject: " header, I think that he posted with an attachment (which got split into a second article by his newsreader), not realizing that it will be blocked at many (maybe even most these days) news servers. The only ones in which attachments (images, programs, audio files, etc) are considered legal are those which have "binaries" somewhere in the newsgroup name.

That is the way to do it. A URL can reach all news servers, binaries (such as photos) only to a decreasing number.

Enjoy, DoN.

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