What sort of resin shouild I use

Hello rcm

I was experimenting with brass cane knobs. Looking at them from the top down, there is a 2"dia flat surface to which I usually get something engraved. I tried boring a 1 3/4" hole to a depth of about 1/4". I then inserted a pin. What I wanted to do was fill this hole, flush to the surface with some sort of resin. I used autobody fibreglass resin, but it dried sort of bronzish colored. I skimped on the MEK to allow time for some very tiny bubbles to rise to the surface, and it cured flawlessly. I was hoping to get a clear drying resin.

Any suggestions as to what I can use?

Thanks Jason

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Glenn Ashmore

Avoid, they stink and shrink, have no strenght without fillers. Use an epoxy, unless you want a headache from it. Polystyrene will smell up your hole house for days. I get gallon kits of epoxy for 120.00. It's 2 to a ratio, so 1 kit so for about 140.00 I get 2.5 gallons of resin. You should get about 1000 fills out of that.

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