What Glue To Use For Resin Kits?

Going to do my first epoxy/urethane/resin kit. (What are they made of?)

It is A&V Resin 1/72 DFS 346D and then maybe Anigrand XB-43.

What glue works best for these kinds of kits. Any tutorials on-line?

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Either epoxy or CA (superglue) works well.

If I can manage to hold, clamp, or tape the parts together for the time it takes the epoxy to harden, or if I need to fill a relatively large gap, I'll use epoxy.

If it'd be awkward to hold or clamp the parts together for 5 minutes, and the parts fit with minimal gap, I'll use CA, preferably a gel or gap-filling type, and I often use a CA accelerator to speed it up.

Depending on who cast it and the type of resin & mold materials they used, the parts may have mold release on them, so be sure to clean them thoroughly before you do anything else. I generally just use soap & water, and scrub with an old toothbrush.

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Wayne C. Morris

As Wayne stated, CA is a great way to go. I use ordinary Krazy Glue, and after the pieces have been joined, I fill any gaps with a powder made from ground up resin dust (i.e. sandings) that I keep on hand for just such needs. I usually mix this dust with a bit of White Glue (or Elmer's Yellow) and flow it into a gap and wipe away the excess. A little sanding after the gule has dried (about 24 hours) and I'm good to go.

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Old Timer

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Hub & Diane Plott III

I hardly ever use epoxy, relying on Zap-Gap. However, where large structure unions (wing-fuselage, e.g.) are involved, I often reinforce with metal or styrene rod, since sheer strength on CA joins is poor, This involves drilling out both assemblies, inserting the reinforcing rod, then adding the CA to the joint as one would otherwise, gap filling, sanding out, etc. Where I have used the reinforcement technique, I have never had further problems with the union.

Mark Schynert

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Mark Schynert

i would recommend a two part epoxy glue that sets fairly quickly. the stuff i use was bought from little cars and sets in about 5 minutes or so. the website they have is

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but your local hardware store should have something similiar if you aren't in the UK.


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