NIMIX Resin Kits

I was wondering if any armour modelers out there have any experience with,
or opinions regarding, the quality of resin kits produced by a company
called NIMIX. The Panzershop carries their line of products, including a
complete series of kits of the Patriot Missile System, including the
launcher, radar and shelter (?) units, as well as the Oskosh M983 heavy
tractor unit for towing the Patriot system components. Unfortunately, the
photos of these kits on Panzershop's website are a little blurry so it's
very hard to tell what the quality is like, and I have never heard of NIMIX
before. Before investing in any of these somewhat expensive kits, I would
really appreciate hearing a first hand opinion or two?
Thanks very much in advance for whatever insights any of you can provide!
Dru Dron
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Mr. Dru J. Dron
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