What type of chuck?

I have an old Warner Swasey No. 3 turret lathe that I want to put a new 3
jaw chuck on. What type of chuck mount does this lathe use? It looks like an
A series from the MSC catalog but I don't know the difference between an A,
camlock, etc, etc. (I pulled those terms out of the MSC catalog so I don't
sound like a complete fool :)
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Tim Aberegg
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The A type mount accepts bolts that fasten the chuck to the spindle. Cam lock (D type spindle) would have holes that accept the pins located on the back of your chuck. The pins have a radius cut in them, which is the locking surface. The spindle has sockets around the perimeter that engage the cams with the radius in each pin. I'm not sure they use that system on turret lathes. It's very common on late model engine lathes, however.
The A and D type are very similar, the major difference being the bolts as opposed to the studs. If your spindle has a short taper, plus four holes (or more) tapped around the face, it's an A. Cam lock of that size would likely have six holes, probably 3/4" diameter.
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Harold & Susan Vordos
Here's a web page for "D" type spindles. The next page has L type. Didn't check but I bet bet they are all there. Pics dimensions etc.
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Karl Townsend
answer my own post. I checked this site out a bit.
Start on page 2.
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A complete guide to chuck selection by cushman
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Karl Townsend

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