Which kind of snap pin is this?

I am looking for a snap pin (not sure if that is the proper term though). The kind that is spring loaded. This type of pin has a body that has flats for a wrench, and is threaded below the flats. This pin is spring loaded but can be locked in the retracted position by pulling it up and turning a quarter turn. The pin has a split ring on top to pull on.

The application is an existing metal table with heavy duty casters on each leg. The casters have wheel locks but not swivel locks. I need to be able to lock the swivel mechanisim on two of the four casters. I realize I can weld a threaded coupler to the leg and use a piece of threaded rod to screw down and stop the swivel, but was looking for a more expedient method.

Thanks Wayne

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Search for "hand retractable spring plungers" at

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Sounds like the ones they have that come with a threaded outer sleeve would work best for you. Just drill and tap, pop them in, and you're good to go.

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Brian Lawson

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