Wohulhaupter Boring head

Just bought a used Wohlhaupter UPA 3 from ebay for my home shop. Price was good and it seems in nice shape, feed, rapid return etc works, but it is missing the RH stop dog. This is a small "L" shaped bit of ground steel that you might think would cost maybe 10 bucks....well it's more like $120 from Woulhaupter. Before I make the part or break down and buy it, anyone have an extra one just laying around gathering dust they might want to sell?? I've used one of these heads a few times, but always at work. Since they appear to be very costly to fix...anyone have any do and don'ts that are not obvious...I'd like this thing to last a while.

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Wohlhaupter is the spelling. :-) Mine is missing it too. As I didn't need it until now, I didn't make that stop. Should not be too big a deal.

Don't take it apart if you don't need to. Tiny spring-loaded balls will jump to the floor and hide for ever. Happened to me with the clocking mechanism for the quick feed. If you take it apart, do it like surgical work.

Just oil it and leave it as it is.


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