WTD: 1-1/16" x 11-1/2 TPI Thread Cutting Die

Wanted: 1-1/16" x 11-1/2 TPI Thread Cutting Die. Or if you prefer decimals, 1.0625" x 11.5 TPI. Or it might be expressed as 3/4" - 11-1/2 NPS. Or simply GHT (garden hose thread).

I've been unable to find anything in catalogs or on the internet, yet garden hose fittings exist by the millions. What are the makers using?

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Ol' Duffer
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I have this tap:

Besly 3/4" 11-1/2 N HS G32 TAP

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Nice. He wants a die of a different size, though. Not a tap, and not 3/4".


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Grant Erwin

It apparently isn't NPS, it's NPSH. Try:

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Grant Erwin

I made an adapter for flushing the cooling system on my pickup, cutting the threads on my lathe. Remember that hose threads do not seal. The seal comes from the rubber gasket. Therefore, the hose threads can be kind of sloppy and still work just fine. Actually, since a lot of hose threads are stamped, not machined, they have to be a little sloppy...


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Jerry Foster

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