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I went to the swap meet today for the first time in years, concentrating on tools and whatnot.

Among the various things I bought...near new1" Greenlee conduit bender ($8) etc etc etc...was a tall yellow thingy. Says Phoenix something or other on the front.

Got this lid cover thing on the top that opens and closes, with a lock and everything.

Inside was this big can of weilding? rod. Says Certainium 707 Electrodes. Pret near full of these whitish -tan sticks. 50 pounds, says right on the can.

It was a bitch carrying this thing back to the truck.

When I got it home, I plugged it in..and it got real hot inside.

Whats this thingy used for? Looks like it might make a good cooker for making pasta, cause its pretty deep and the pasta would hang down really well. Or even a polish sausage cooker.

And was $20 too much for it?


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If it looks like this:

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cents on the $ ain't bad.


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I use an oven like that as a foot warmer. Gunner got a 50 lb version though.

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Gunner knows exactly what he got...That is a great find and he knows it. Heck 50lbs of rod nearly covers his 20$ to say nothing of the nice packageing it came in. Still I'll congratulate him on his find. And encourage him to put a bit more in the offering plate when next he goes to church.

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What, an extra handful of .45ACP? Does it get destributed to the needy on the line, or is it sent airborn through paper? ;) --Glenn Lyford

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The Church of Saint John Moses Browning accepts donations of money, examples of JMB's art, or ammunition for any of those examples, through any of its members. Contact any member or clergyman/woman by email to arrange your donation.

Thank you in the Blessed Name of St. John Moses Browning.

Fr. John Husvar, CSJMB

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John Husvar

When I saw the 'subject' I thought you were talking about big bird. :)

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Michael A. Terrell

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