Bluetooth and Vista

I own two computers, a laptop with Windows XP-sp2 and a desktop with Windows
Two Bluetooth adapters : Sitecom CN 512 and a Belkin short range adapter
For bluetooth connection with the laptop, I only had to adjust the Windows
Bluetooth connection with XP laptop works fine now.
Vista desktop and Mindstorms "see" each other, I can give the secret key
"1234" .
Desktop says "connected"
Than on Mindstorms press "connect"
Mindstorms answers "line busy"
Switching off the Windows firewall does not change this.
I tried both adapters
Are there other security items in Vista which should be switched off ?
Please some ideas for solution of this problem.
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Jan Hengeveld
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I have run across a similar problem. Again with vista, but programming in LabVIEW 7.1. We found the only way to fix the problem was to make out own driver. Basically with vista, we had to recognize the connection as a com port and then send strings of information over the Bluetooth. It works and we are able to control the robot with minimal delay. Now this was for direct control. As for downloading, we just said screw it and used USB.
FYI, I am saying "we" as I am working with Case Western Reserve University and their high school LEGO robotics competition and this was a problem our coordinator found and fixed with us.
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Thank you Andy, I will use my laptop and Windows XP for this project. That is my solution. Jan
"Andy" schreef in bericht news:
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Jan Hengeveld

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