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I have nothing to do the next few days and thought I would dust off my
mindstorms and build something. However, I have a bad case of "builders
block". I have multiple sets and woul like to build something complicated.
Are there any good sites that give project ideas (preferably multiple RCX
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* A remote control car would be neat, or something remote controlled. * A drink pourer, this would be tricky - getting it to tilt a bottle of drink just right. * If you have a lot of Technics gear you might be able to build something that can scale brick walls, or atleast the ones with the gaps in between them - you'd probably want to be careful not to scrape bricks though!
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How about a CD/DVD changing robot so that you could automate disk swapping when backing up your system? Not sure how to notify the backup software though unless you use the arm to nudge the tray in after the swap?
If you come up with something for that please post a link to some photos as I would be very interested. (It would be well cool at the office :o) )
Hope this helps a little
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Go here and you will get plenty of great ideas from Mindstorms enthusiasts:
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Just page through until you see one you want to build.
Good luck.
Greg in Cincinnati
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Greg Teets

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