12 volt power supply

Hi Guys,
My Boxford STS10 20 lathe has a 12 volt light, but no power supply.
Does anyone know where i can source
a supply which will fit the connection I currenty have? This is a
round plug about 18mm dia with two small
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Mike cole
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I'd do it the other way round. Bin what you have and use something that is readily available. First up, how much power do you need? I suggest 50% spare, so for a 50 watt bulb, use a 75watt supply... You almost certainly won't get a power supply with the right connection, unless it is supplied by Boxford......
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This doesn't answer your original question but I would use a 12v "down lighter" (the low voltage indoors lighting - normally recessed in the ceiling) power supply. The halogen bulbs they use are also 50 watt and the supplies are cheap.
Tim South Africa
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Tim Nash (aka TMN)
Thanks for the ideals, we have to go to B&Q for some curtains anyway so the downligher sounds good. Mike
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Mike cole

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