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Who knows which issue of Model Aviation had the article on modifying a PC computer power supply for a 12 volt charger source?

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Roger Christenson
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If you use an ATX power supply, you need to do only two things to it:

  1. Place a switch between one of the black leads and the green lead.

  1. Place a 5W, 5ohm resistor ( the actual ohms isn't too important but make sure you don't exceed the watts rating) between one of the red leads and a black lead. It is best to mount this resistor so that the PS fan can cool it.

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Paul McIntosh

Here's a couple of websites that cover that issue

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Paul in Redland

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Mike Gordon

I used the instructions from the murraystate website and it couldn't have been simpler.

Works great!!

Good luck on yours.

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Thank you -- it's nice to know the site has been of some benefit. I will be adding a construction article for a servo driver in the near future.


Andy Batts

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Andrew Batts

Thanks for the info. I made one myself. I use it for my cars an



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Go to E-Zone, Battery and Charger Forum, there are thread on converting PC power supplies for use in powering 12-volt dc battery chargers.

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