1947 Boxford lathe - spares?

Having recently bought a 1947 Boxford 'Precision' lathe I did a minor
stripdown to see why there was a lot of backlash in the longitudinal and
traverse feedscrews. No surprise, they were both very (very) worn. They are
both 20tpi left-hand threads, thread angle is impossible to guess due to
So here is the (probably hopeless) request ... does anyone know if it is
possible to get spares for these, or failing that, where I can get a 20tpi
LH tap and die so I can use the Myford to make them up.
BTW, it is a lovely little lathe, see ebay Item number 7571950044 for
TIA for any suggestions/hints/tips/sympathy.
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Peter Grimwood
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I'd be interested to hear about the orrery making.
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Adrian Godwin
Adrian, have a look at www dot orreries dot co dot uk
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Peter Grimwood
I'm afraid I've just got to ask Peter, why did you pay £350 for that when you could have picked up one of the steady stream of AUDs that are appearing on EBay for around the £400 mark and got a MUCH more capable machine? Greg
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A few years ago I managed to get spares for my Boxford shaper from the manufacturers who were still at the same address as shown on the plate on the machine. Worth a try??
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John Ambler
Google for Tracy Tools, they do a range of LH taps and dies.
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