Any opinions on the Arc Euro mini drill?

I need to get a Dremel-type tool from somewhere and I see that the latest Arc Euro catalogue has a "mini drill" listed - any opinions, or suggestions for better alternatives?


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I have had a number of "Minicraft" drills over the years, but recent jobs seem to be taxing them. I was also looking for a flexible drive and found them rather expensive. In the end I bought a "mini" drill from Machine Mart. Mains powered, variable speed, came with a stand and a removable flexible drive, as well as the usual buffing, grinding, cutting accessories. As a bonus, I can still use all my Minicraft collets in it.

I should add that the Swindon Machine Mart is very useful as they are one of a limited number in the country that sell on "Clearance" items (e.g. returns) sometimes at very good prices. If I remember correctly, the mini drill from there was around =A316 and it was complete (at least I've found nothing missing yet!) =20



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How many watts is it ? I have 2 I bought from BeanQueue and the second, which is mains powered, is 140W and streets ahead of the other one in terms of not slowing down when the going gets tough. I put this down largely to the extra power available. Other points to mark are which accessories does it come with ? You can very easily spend the difference in price between 2 models on accessories which may be included with another at a higher price.

The clamp-style stand for the AET version looks to be a lot better than the stand that came with mine, I thought I saw a very similar drill on the Chronos website but couldn't see it when I looked just now, it also had a sensible looking stand.


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