Anyone been to Sandown Park?

Having been sorely disappointed on my last two visits (slow learner,
see), I swore off it this year.
Anyone been? Has it improved at all?
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Nigel Eaton
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There were lots of people there on the 29th; really crowded. I suppose it depends on what you're looking for. There were some big names missing from the trade stands, such as Reeves 2000, Modelworks Int, Polly didn't have any of their loco kits on display and Cheddar weren't there either. However, the competition models were superb. Overall I though it had gone down hill from last year. Let's hope the London MEEX will be better.
Cheers Mark
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If it was downhill from last year its getting pretty low now!
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Alan Marshall
In article , Alan Marshall writes
Subterranean, I would have thought.
I'm glad I didn't bother.
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Nigel Eaton
I went & asked the guy on the Myford stand what the thread size was on the head stock of a ML4. He replied that it was older than he was and he wasn't interested in machines that old. I thought he was joking at first but he wasn't. The bloke was rude & I will never deal with this company agian! The Stirling Engine stand was great. Regards John.
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john maundrell
John Myford are very unhelpful regarding their older products, I suspect they took all their old drawings and burned them when they launched the ML7 ;-) If your ML4 is like mine, it has the same spindle nose thread as the ML7 and an MT2 taper in the bore, but I also have a spindle from an ML2 or ML4 which has a much smaller thread and an MT1 taper in the bore. Martin
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Martin Whybrow
I have had a Myford lathe for 40 or more years. I have at all times found the company and their staff to be obliging, patient, helpful and a delight to have dealings with.
Donald, Isle of South Uist
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I reckoned it was far better than last years. There were some excellent models to see, including the latest offering from Cherry Hill.
More club stands than before, also with some nice models on.
For those who didn't get there, there are some photos at:
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the folder marked, with a lack of originality, Sandown.
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