Benches for small lathes

I have been restoring a 4" centre height Lorch-Schmidt lathe taking

20mm collets. It's now reached the stage when it needs a bench and drive system. The main drive from countershaft to the lathe is a flat leather belt and I have been planning to drive the countershaft from a 3 phase motor with VFD.

I've not found a great deal of information around on the construction of suitable benches for small lathes and most of the lathes I have used have been mounted on manufacturer's stands!

Is anyone aware of any articles/books which cover this sort of area e.g. pros/cons of welded metal frame construction over timber construction with suitable sizes for adequate rigidity?


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Alan Bain
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since i tried twice to decipher your false address ..and send you and email

and failed

here's what was the message, blurted out to everyone :-

there's a nice south bend cabinet on ebay right now ... 280318042000

if you get it for under 100 got a bargain .

scrap prices have gone down

but new steel hasn't .

and the cabinet is nice with drawers etc

all the best.markj

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