Boring to a face on a mill

Given that bores for bearings etc often bottom out to a face, how do
members deal with this if they only have a boring head for the mill?
(not a boring and facing head)
Let us assume that the part in question is too big to swing on the
faceplate of the lathe.
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Electricky Dicky
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Maybe mount the part on a rotary table and use an end mill? Tool deflection may make the bottom diameter smaller than the top, though.
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Guy Griffin
Make a counterbore a few mm smaller than the main bore and a bit deeper. Bearings only need to seat on their outer flange.
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Dave Baker
In article , Guy Griffin writes
For small bearings (and also for counterbores for cap head screws) I use a slot drill to finish off a drilled hole. Slow speeds and lots of cutting oil. You may get a better finish with a large cutter if you grind a bevel on the corners (though, obviously, small enough to match that on the bearing).
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David Littlewood
I have not tried it but I think that on a Bridgeport the spindle stop should do the job. It will firmly stop manual feeding and there is an automatic trip-out of the power feed (if it is working properly).
Don Young, USA
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Don Young

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